Folder 2015 - 24 and 25 February Rotorua

Forest health surveillance - your prescription for a good night's sleep


pdf Programme

Bill Dyck and Katrin Webb

pdf Forest Health Surveillance Review

The plan, the players, the progress - Lindsay Bulman, Scion, Science Leader Forest Protection .

pdf Forest Biosecurity 2015 Workshop Report

This report captures the key action points raised at the workshop that need to be considered, and where appropriate actioned, by FBC over the next 12 months. The workshop focused on biosecurity surveillance and therefore most of the action points have this focus.

pdf Summary achievement

Summary of what has been achieved in a year - B Dyck and K Webb

pdf Remote Sensing

What we can do now, what is possible in future - Bryan Graham, Scion

pdf Gizmos, genomes, PCR and stuff

Beccy Ganley, Scion

pdf Protecting the industry

Forest Health Surveillance in practice and addressing future requirements - Paul Bradbury, Director, SPS Biosecurity & Environmental Services Ltd

pdf Better Border Biosecurity (B3)

Where everything fits - Davae Teulon, B3 Director

pdf High Risk Site Surveillance (HRSS)

MPIs role in protecting New Zealand forests - Brendon Gould, MPI Manager, Surveillance and Incursion Investigation

pdf Forest Health Surveillance redesign and GIA

Why are we doing these things and what do they mean for the industry? - D Cormack FBC Chair

pdf Programme 2015

The workshop programme