Executive Council


The New Zealand Forest Owners Association is administered by a National Executive Council of elected and appointed members which meets quarterly to deal with the wide range of issues affecting commercial plantation forestry in New Zealand.


  • Matthew Wakelin, New Forests

Elected Members:

  • Grant Dodson, City Forests
  • Bert Hughes, Forest Enterprises
  • Darren Mann, Ernslaw One
  • Sean McBride, Juken New Zealand
  • Marcus Musson, Forest 360
  • Kate Rankin, Wenita Forest Products
  • Tim Sandall, Pan Pac Forest Products
  • Jason Syme, Rayonier Matariki
  • Phil Taylor, Port Blakely

By Appointment:

  • Dean Witehira, Timberlands (Vice President)
  • Chris Barnes, Manulife Investment Management


2024 Executive Council Meeting Dates:

  • 11 June
  • 2/3 September
  • 12 November