Forest Research Committee

Position available - National Research & Development Manager – Forest Owners Association

The New Zealand Forest Owners Association is recruiting a Research Manager.

This exciting and influential position will be based in Rotorua to oversee a multi-million dollar R&D programme centrally funded by the Forest Growers Levy. The programme uses a broad spectrum of revolutionary approaches to deliver benefits for all of New Zealand’s forest growers. The position is geared for an individual who has programme management experience, strong relationship skills and leadership qualities.

Expressions of interest should be sent to Rosemary McFadyen at PO Box 10986 Wellington 6143, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the closing date of Friday 13 March, 2020

Job Descritpion 


Chair: Phil Taylor, Port Blakely, Vice Chair: Grant Dodson, City Forests

R & D Manager: Russell Dale

Identifies research programmes and projects of importance to the forest growing and harvesting sector, works with other groups to arrange research funding and dissemination of information, and provides forest growers' views on pan industry research.

Issues: Significance of newly released research, harvesting and tree breeding research and research into alternative species.

For information on the research programme, which is managed by Forest Growers Research, (FGR) visit the research website.

2019 Work Programme (see pages 30-39)

Committee Meetings

Date: 19 May 2020

Date: 22 July 2020

Date: 26 November 2020