FOA Strategies

This Innovation Plan concerns the forest growing sector and its focus on excelling in the management of plantation forests to deliver logs and other woody biomass to the downstream processing sectors of the forest industry

The Forest Biosecurity Research Strategy is for FOA members in the first instance and provides guidance on key biosecurity issues. The strategy also provides a unified voice for the industry to communicate research priorities to funding agencies and research providers in order to have greater influence on R&D investment and capability retention and development in New Zealand.

Woodco Strategies

Building a Stronger Future for Wood - This is a report prepared for the Woodco Board by Dave Hilliard, Tom Clark, Stuart Anderson and Paul Lane

This plan was prepared for Woodco by FOA, NZFFA, WPA, PMA, FICA

Prepared to provide pan-industry strategic direction on RS & T; to outline the key elements that the forest industry expects to see in any Statements of Core Purpose (SCP) and Statements of Core Intent for CRI’s delivering research to the forest sector and to be used as the basis of input to Government, including MoRST and FRST, to influence the development of SCP’s and SCI’s for relevant CRIs.