China deal vital in post-Covid trade recovery

26 January 2021

The Forest Owners Association says the Upgrade of the China Free Trade Agreement, signed today, is a much awaited and vital step for the future of New Zealand primary exports globally.

Forest industry says main political parties abandon forest industry at economic and environmental cost

13 October 2020

The Labour and National parties’ policies on forestry, leading into the election, are disappointing to forest industry leaders. 

Taxpayers to pick up carbon cost if production forests are restricted

18 September 2020

The Forest Owners Association says taxpayers are likely to have to pay billions of dollars for imported carbon credits, if planting production forests is to be restricted with the idea of protecting farming.

Forestry industry says government wood preference policy good for economy and environment

16 September 2020


Forest owners say the government’s announcement of a policy to give preference to low greenhouse gas emission materials in government construction will be good for both the environment and for the timber construction industry.

New construction policy will deliver more timber use

6 July 2020

The Forest Owners Association says the MBIE announcement of ‘Building for Climate Change’ will mean more timber is used in New Zealand construction.

Feds telling their members they can't sell land for forestry

5 July 2020

The Forest Owners Association is startled that the new Federated Farmers Meat and Wool Chair is asking the government to restrict the right of farmer members to plant trees or sell their land for forestry.

Promised forest limit trashes zero carbon goals by at least 30,000 hectares a year

22 June 2020

The Forest Owners Association says New Zealand’s carbon zero goal is seriously in doubt after a statement by the Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor, that the government would ‘need to step in’ if new forest planting increased to more than 40,000 hectares a year.

Better options than Log Bill

 4 June 2020

The Forest Owners Association says more exports of processed timber products from New Zealand looks a good prospect on paper, but Shane Jones’ current Log Bill is not going to achieve this and there are better options.

Rushed log legislation deserves the chop

 25 May 2020

Federated Farmers and the Forest Owners Association are joining forces to condemn the Log Brokers Bill as a Trojan horse to potentially force farmers and foresters to subsidise local processing industries from reduced export earnings. 

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