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Folder Agreements & Accords

This category contains the Memorandum of Understanding between FOA, FFA and Federated Farmers, signed on 19 November 2013, to develop general guidance to assist in managing relationships between forest owners/managers (Forest Managers) and their farming neighbours (Farmers), to promote co-operation and constructive neighbourly relations

Folder Articles

This category contains articles from representatives of the New Zealand forest industry. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the NZ Forest Owners Association.

Folder Climate Change

Articles and publications from FOA on climate change and forestry.

Folder Codes of Practice

Note - the Environmental Code of Practise and A5 BEP Field Guide are currently both out of print and unavailable except as .pdf download for ECoP provided below.

The 2015 Code Eliminating Alcohol & Other Drugs From the Workplace is now available and was published in June 2015. It replaces the 2008  release.


Folder Discussion Papers, Policy Positions, Economic Reports

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research Report  - Plantation forest statistics - Contribution of forestry to New Zealand - is now available in this section for download (21 March 2017)

Folder Environment

Documents relating to the environment.

Trees for Steep Slopes (2018)

The Joint NZ Farm Forestry Association/Forest Owners Association (NZFFA/FOA) Environment committee commissioned this report to consider and explore species and management options that might minimise soil erosion in highly erodible hill country while maintaining productivity of the land.


The Environmental Code of Practice is available for download in the Codes folder

Environmental accords such as Eliminating Illegal Forest Products in New Zealand and the Climate Change Accord are filed in the Agreements & Accords folder

PSWP documents available in the Water section of the Environment category.

Folder Fire

For information on fire research programmes visit the Extreme Fire section on the Forest Growers Research website

Folder Forest Biosecurity

General forest biosecurity documents.

For Forest Biosecurity Workshop reports go to FOA conferences and workshops section.

Folder Health and Safety

Further resources are available on the Safetree website

Folder Speeches & Presentations

This folder contains speeches and presentations given by the Chief Executive and other representatives of the FOA as well as presentations to industry conferences / workshops.

Folder Standards and Guidelines

Folder Sustainable Forest Management

This folder contains publications and information on sustainable forest management.

  • The Joint Australia/NZ submission to Forest Stewardship Council pesticide review (September 2005)  is available in the Submissions folder
  • A National Industry Standard for Sustainable Plantation Forest Management (November 2005) is available in the Standards & Guidelines folder

Folder Technical

This folder contains a selection of papers and technical information on various topics of discussion within the forest industry

Folder Training and Careers

This folder holds documents, publications and items available on the topic of training and careers.  Additional information is available at

  • The Drug & Alcohol Code of Practice is available for download in the Codes of Practice folder
  • Health and Safety documents are available in the Health & Safety category or on the Safetree website

Folder Transport and Roading

  • The Log Transport Safety Accord is available for download in the Agreements & Accords folder

Folder Water

Water documents are avaliable in the Water section of the Environment category. This includes PSWP documents