Forest owners support quarantine review

25 May 2006

The failure of MAF's Quarantine Services to fully implement a standard for imported sea containers is jeopardising New Zealand's other biosecurity efforts, says the NZ Forest Owners Association.

Land owners worried about sambar precedent

2 Jun 2006

Forest owners and farmers on the North Island’s west coast are fed up with having to host destructive sambar deer on their properties.

Barker fire initiative endorsed

9 Jun 2006

Forest owners have endorsed internal affairs minister Rick Barker's offer to hold a workshop with key stakeholders to get agreement on the reform of fire legislation.

Forestry industry to promote wood

29 Jun 2006

A meeting of forestry industry leaders representing growers, processors, manufacturers and contractors, sponsored by industry umbrella organisation WoodCo, has decided to undertake a multi-million dollar programme to develop and promote the use of wood in building and construction in New Zealand.

Kyoto cap needs to come off the table

5 Jul 2006

The NZ Forest Owners Association says the principles which underpin the government's Kyoto work programme are sound, but some concerns remain.

Forest owners thank Sutton

11 Jul 2006

Forest owners have thanked cabinet minister Jim Sutton for his efforts on the industry’s behalf during his time in office.

Forest Accord celebrated

23 Aug 2006

Forest owners and environmental and outdoor recreational groups have celebrated the 15th anniversary of the signing of the New Zealand Forest Accord, a landmark agreement which put an end to decades of conflict.

Forest sink initiative a good start

1 Sep 2006

The Forest Owners Association has welcomed the government's decision to go ahead with a revamped Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative.

Nats' 'Bluegreen' initiative welcomed

6 Oct 2006

The Forest Owners Association has welcomed the forestry and climate change policies advanced by the National Party in its Bluegreen Vision for New Zealand.

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