FOA Media Releases 2023

10 November 2023  

New forestry expertise joins FOA executive council

10 November 2023  

Foresters back the call of the blue duck

27 October 2023  

Wilding conifers a legacy issue that need continued, collaborative management

3 October 2023  

Local government insufficiently resourced to cope with forest slash problem.

29 September 2023  

Forest owners welcome National's forest policy but hold reservations on planting restrictions

21 September 2023  

Cost recovery bill of more than $14 million a year another kneecap for forestry.

29 August 2023  

New Forest Owners chief executive looking to forestry as sustainable keystone of bioeconomy.

30 August 2023  

Forest Owners say judgment legitimises council's abuse of minority ratepayers and wants law change.

14 August 2023  

Forest Owners say planting increase is positive for the environment.

The Forest Owners Association says an expansion of new forest planting in 2021, highlighted in a new report, is positive news for carbon capture ambitions.

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