folder Environmental Fact Sheets

A number of Environmental Fact Sheets are being published during 2016. The first two published and available for download are on debris flows and water quality. Further fact sheets to be published this year include pollen, ecocsystem services, biodiversity in planted forests and forest soils


pdf Debris Flows

There are some 1.7 million hectares of planted forests in New Zealand, and about a third of these are on erodible steepland terrain. Many of these forests were originally planted as erosion control forests and are
now being harvested. There is increasing concern and media attention about the environmental effects of steepland planted forestry. These centre on the post-harvest landscape response,including the increasing occurrence of woody debris in rivers and on beaches following intense rainstorms that generate landslides,and debris flows that entrain wood and

pdf Water Quality

There are some 1.7 million hectares of planted forests in New Zealand, 90% of which are in radiata pine. These forests are home to an estimated 24,220 kms of streams that, for most of the forest growing cycle, provide a source of high quality water to downstream users.There is increasing pressure on our water resources, however with prudent stewardship and ongoing improvements to management practices, New Zealand's forests will continue to provide sustainable sources of high quality