New FSC Principles and Criteria

In 2011 FSC endorsed a revised set of Principles and Criteria.  FSC have now commenced a process to assist the transfer of the new FSC Principles and Criteria to existing national standards through the development of International Generic Indicators (IGIs) to the NZ Standard.  The background and process can be found at the FSC IGI site:  The first draft of the IGIs has been produced and the consultation period completed.

As Standard Development Group Coordinator, Colin Maunder attended an Asia/Pacific Regional meeting to discuss how Standard Development Groups will transfer the IGI’s into their national standards.  From this meeting the NZ Standard Development Group was asked to provide feedback to FSC’s Asia/Pacific representative on the IGI working group (Mr. Ma Lichao from China).  Our feedback document can be found here and covers only areas where the NZ Standard Development Group shared common views.  Notably the time frame and transfer process were thought to be difficult for New Zealand to achieve, in particular we asked that if our existing indicators already met the new Principles and Criteria, we should use these rather than the indicators in the IGIs.  And only when our indictors do not meet the new Principles and Criteria we use the IGIs, but only as a guide. Else we would face a considerable amount of new work and negotiation.  A subsequent conference call has helped understand that FSC are likely to support our concern and will clarify this in the transfer process.

A second round of consultation will take place later in the year, most likely November.  If you have any questions or wish to take part in the next round of consultation please contact your SDG chamber representative(s).