Rebuilding Christchurch with wood is a ‘New Zealand solution’

20 Sept 2010

Wigram MP and Mayoral candidate Jim Anderton today promoted the virtues of wood as a building material for the rebuild of Christchurch as a “New Zealand solution”.  “In fact, as Minister of Forestry I set up a Wood Design Centre at the University of Canterbury under the leadership of Professor Andy Buchanan, which would be perfectly positioned to advise on such a project”, said Jim Anderton.

Forestry fund in Australia to invest in NZ

21 Sept 2010

A new fund in Australia has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in forests in New Zealand and Australia.

First step in new direction for freshwater

22 Sept 2010

A comprehensive report by the Land and Water Forum on the management of freshwater in New Zealand has been welcomed today by Environment Minister Nick Smith and Agriculture Minister David Carter.

China 'not ready' for carbon trading – top official

30 Sept 2010

China will establish a national emissions trading system at some time in the future, the country's top climate negotiator said this week, but opportunities remain limited for now.

Biodiesel reaches forecourt

6 October 2010

The decision  by Gull Petroleum to stock biodiesel at three of its service stations has been welcomed by the Bioenergy Association.

Scion reports post-tax loss for 2010

7 October 2010

Crown Research Institute Scion has announced a before-tax profit of $3.240 million for the year ending 30 June 2010. After allowance is made for changes in tax rules relating to building depreciation, this converts to a net loss of $0.978 million.

Consultation begins on forest carbon measurement approach

15 October 2010

MAF has opened consultation on a proposed new approach for owners of post-1989 forest to more accurately assess the carbon absorbed by their trees.

Forest privatisation comes to the UK

1 November 2010

The UK Government is planning to sell off swathes of publicly-owned forests to help pay down the massive financial deficit that is crippling Britain.

Illegal logging rampant in country (Vietnam): ministry

1 Nov 2010

Illegal deforestation activities are widespread across the nation, says the latest report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's General Forestry Department.